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Compare EMI Blotter Paper to Our Competitors

Looking to buy blotter paper wholesale? EMI Specialty Paper offers blotter paper for sale at competitive prices. Besides cost, what differentiates us from our competitors is our commitment to customer service and to producing quality blotter paper products.

  • Cost: EMI Specialty Papers is a small/medium sized privately owned company while Whatman is British and owned by GE.
  • All EMI Paper Made in USA: All EMI Blotter Paper is made in the United States and converted at one of 6 US plants.
  • Custom Sizes: EMI Blotter Paper comes in custom sheet sizes, anything from 1/8″ square or round to 36″ x 44″ in US or metric sizes, as well as narrow and wide rolls in small or jumbo diameters. We also have engineering and die making personnel to make any size or shape die in any quantity.
  • Custom Engineering: EMI Specialty Paper has engineers on staff to help current and prospective customers design, develop and commercialize their nascent Blotting Paper products. We can work from an idea, napkin sketch, dimensional blueprint or CAD file.

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Industrial Grade Blotter Paper by EMI

EMI Specialty Papers stocks and converts dozens of different types of industrial grade blotter papers. Our blotter paper grades are designed for absorbent purposes from simple blotting and wicking to highly absorbent air freshener and aromatherapy applications, pulp test blotting for use by paper mills and other manufacturers who need a pure Tappi approved grade of blotting to test their pulps and admixtures.

  • Economy blotter papers for tray liners as well as spill control and clean up to control toxic and nontoxic substances, including refined and crude oils.
  • Blotter papers are also used as filtration grades for the food and beverage industries as well as for the automotive filter industry, where absorbent blotter papers function in separation filtration.

We carry bleached and natural blotter paper as well as crêped grades, most in sheets and rolls for a wide range of end uses from economy grade, general purpose blotting papers to high capacity, refined technical grade blotting and wicking papers for use in lab & pharmaceutical analysis and packaging product. We also carry perforated blotting paper and white blotting paper.

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Ongoing niche market development for Air Freshener and Aromatherapy Products

For 35 years EMI Specialty Papers has helped small and large companies develop and launch all types of air fresheners and aromatherapy products. We help in the design stage with data on longevity of our product in conjunction with our customer’s specific fragrance or essential oil.

We assist in creating a specification and help with detailed drawings when necessary. In the meantime we have sampled the testing facilities of these companies with some of our dozens of available blotting paper and wicking materials. Subsequently, we die cut the specified grade and package in bulk for low to mid volume projects or in sleeves for automatic feeding equipment.

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Lab Blotter Paper

Lab Blotter Paper – High Quality Diagnostic and Absorbent Grades; Pulp Test Blotter Paper.

Are you looking to buy high grade cotton and cotton cellulose blend diagnostic blotting paper comparable to Whatman, GE grades, at considerably less cost.  EMI Specialty Papers has lab grade blotter paper available in rolls, sheets, pads, discs and custom shapes and sizes.

Diagnostic Blotting Paper:
Top quality blotting paper for various types of lab work: Diagnostic grade cotton and cotton/cellulose-blend blotting paper that can absorb liquids and can be used for diagnostic test kits.

Pulp Test Blotter:
Tappi compliant, ultra-pure .020″ test blotting.

All blotter paper materials are made to comply with the FDA. These top-quality technical papers are used in diagnostic test kits and for common fluid absorption by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.