Compare EMI Blotter Paper to Our Competitors

Looking to buy blotter paper wholesale? EMI Specialty Paper offers blotter paper for sale at competitive prices. Besides cost, what differentiates us from our competitors is our commitment to customer service and to producing quality blotter paper products.

  • Cost: EMI Specialty Papers is a small/medium sized privately owned company while Whatman is British and owned by GE.
  • All EMI Paper Made in USA: All EMI Blotter Paper is made in the United States and converted at one of 6 US plants.
  • Custom Sizes: EMI Blotter Paper comes in custom sheet sizes, anything from 1/8″ square or round to 36″ x 44″ in US or metric sizes, as well as narrow and wide rolls in small or jumbo diameters. We also have engineering and die making personnel to make any size or shape die in any quantity.
  • Custom Engineering: EMI Specialty Paper has engineers on staff to help current and prospective customers design, develop and commercialize their nascent Blotting Paper products. We can work from an idea, napkin sketch, dimensional blueprint or CAD file.

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