Lab Blotter Paper – High Quality Diagnostic and Absorbent Grades; Pulp Test Blotter Paper.

Are you looking to buy high grade cotton and cotton cellulose blend diagnostic blotting paper comparable to Whatman, GE grades, at considerably less cost.  EMI Specialty Papers has lab grade blotter paper available in rolls, sheets, pads, discs and custom shapes and sizes.

Diagnostic Blotting Paper:
Top quality blotting paper for various types of lab work: Diagnostic grade cotton and cotton/cellulose-blend blotting paper that can absorb liquids and can be used for diagnostic test kits.

Pulp Test Blotter:
Tappi compliant, ultra-pure .020″ test blotting.

All blotter paper materials are made to comply with the FDA. These top-quality technical papers are used in diagnostic test kits and for common fluid absorption by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.